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Sweethouse helps make healthier products with great taste. It’s the magic created from bringing the right tools together.

SWEETHOUSE provides patented German Technology and supports initiatives to reduce and replace sugar in the beverage and food processing industries. 

SWEETHOUSE offers Sweetening Systems, providing sugar taste to products & international technical support to partners and customers.

SWEETHOUSE has more than 60 years’ experience in application and development in areas such as beverages, dairy products, confectionery, ice cream, and beyond.

SWEETHOUSE aims to fight obesity and diabetes by reducing the sugar content of beverages and food while maintaining a pleasant taste and character.

SWEETHOUSE has a comprehensive Qorus® Dolce-portfolio that offers food and beverage manufacturers saving costs and keeping recipes lean and simple.

SWEETHOUSE is active as well in research and development of new sweeteners for the future. 


Three times faster to the market with Sweethouse.

Authentic Sweet Taste

  • Authentic sugar like taste.
  • Excellent Mouthfeel.
  • Proven by sensory tests.

Safe Technology & Sustainability

  • Ready to use “drop-in” system.
  • Easier, quick development and dosage.
  • Approved, safe ingredients.

Excellent Stability and Solubility

  • Heat and process stable.
  • Excellent shelf life in applications.
  • Very good solubility.

Friendly Image & Cost Saving

  • Clean and friendly image (no warning label).
  • Good consumer acceptance.
  • Cost in Use Benefit.



SWEETHOUSE offers it’s patented Sweetening System technology based on close cooperation with Technology Leaders in the Sweetener Industry. This allows access to selected high-quality materials, like Stevia Specialities, Monk Fruit Specialties, and the highest qualities of AcesulfamK, Sucralose, fewer and beyond.

Patented Sweetening Systems facilitate quick application and decrease time-to-market.

SWEETHOUSE aims to minimise sweetener dosage in combination with some specific natural flavours.

You can easily optimize taste characteristics of formulations, reduce certain bitter-notes, off-notes or very lingering characteristics in conjunction with all other recipe ingredients.

SWEETHOUSE provides senior technical consultancy services:

  • independent sourcing and recommendation of natural flavourings and other recipe ingredients to create formulas with outstanding taste characteristics.
  • Help manufacturers renovate recipes and improve key nutritional values in their products or the development of totally new concepts & recipes.