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Lionel Hitchen

Lionel Hitchen is an independent, family-owned manufacturer and supplier of natural flavours and ingredients. Founded in 1965, they have a passion for providing clean label solutions for industry-wide challenges. They are dedicated to delivering outstanding quality and authentic taste.

The authenticity of their flavours has earned them a reputation as a world-class supplier. Their team of highly experienced flavourists create their products from a palette of over 3,000 raw materials, which they manufacture in-house. This gives them the ability to create complex, unique, and highly individual flavours for your business needs.

Lionel Hitchen is happy to offer application support to your product development team with free Beverage Innovation Sessions to help move your projects from concept to reality.

 All products from Lionel Hitchen are vegan and vegetarian suitable. 


The HiFresh Range

A high-impact flavour profile captures the authentic aroma and flavour of the world’s most delicate citrus. The zesty notes give a fresh, fruity, and juicy taste.

Lionel Hitchen uses the by-products from the citrus juice industry to create their products. They express their citrus peel oil from the peels of fruit that has been used for juicing, and their citrus essential oil is extracted from the misshapen fruit rejected by the fruit industry. 

The Ginger Range

Ginger is a classic ingredient that remains current in the food and beverage industry. Its popularity in the functional food and beverage market continues to rise. Lionel Hitchen offers ginger in various energising and uplifting forms to suit your needs.

Distinct in its aroma and taste, ginger’s most prominent flavour notes include warm, spicy, woodiness combined with herbaceous sweetness. These more prominent notes are balanced by a light, lemony-citrus zest grounded in a unique earthiness. Pair with their other citrus, herb, and spice products to create individual and layered flavour profiles.

Lionel Hitchen Beverage Flavour Development Consultation

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