Jean Niel designs and produces exceptional flavours with a history dating back to 1779. Creation, Innovation, and Expertise are the keys behind its outstanding Natural and Organic Flavours.


Jean Niel Flavours is driven by client and consumer demand for excellence and authenticity. Jean Niel’s flavourists continually find new ways to capture and release nature’s best. Designing and producing exceptional flavours is Jean Niel’s daily mission.


Jean Niel Flavours discover new sensations through original concepts, find advanced technical solutions that favour the development of natural products, and use their knowledge of different cultures to innovate. They regularly break down the barriers of expertise – that is how Jean Niel stimulates creativity to offer flavours that are more and more outstanding – every year.


Taste is a universal language. But with every person, subtle differences emerge. The challenge is to create flavours that please everyone but are enjoyed by each person individually. To achieve this, Jean Niel creates new flavours from specially selected raw materials and ingredients.


La Maison – Jean Niel


Jean Niel Flavours’ expertise is in organic natural flavours and they have a growing range of certified organic flavours. High quality, creativity, and innovation allow them to make great natural and organic flavours for application in organic end products in Bakery, Ice Cream, Beverage, Dairy, and many more areas.


Jean Niel Flavours offers a wide range of high-quality. natural flavours that are made in France. All flavours are based on Jean Niel’s creativity and innovation which can be used in applications in Bakery, Ice Cream, Beverages, Dairy, and many more areas.