GPI’s products range from food gums to clean label anti-microbials. These products can be used in the meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery, confectionery, beverage, vegetarian, vegan, sauces, jelly, and culinary industries. They also have gluten-free and plant-based products. GPI’s goal is to be the leaders of food technology for healthier products. To achieve this, GPI uses patented technology to create their unique formulations.


GPI has a unique line of carrageenans that help increase product yields. They also enhance texture, juiciness, and product integrity while reducing package purge and syneresis.  These carrageenans do not affect the taste, colour, or smell of the finished product. On top of this, GPI offers an alternative patent-pending seaweed fibre.


GPI’s  E-free anti-microbials are able to naturally extend shelf life while also enhancing flavour. The anti-microbials can also be used to lower sodium levels yet maintain the taste profile.


GPI’s line of natural texturisers gives chefs and food formulators the tools and ingredients to create unique, delicious, and cost-effective products. The texturisers help improve appearance, texture, viscosity, bite, and mouthfeel without masking the original flavours. These products will add value and increase customer satisfaction.


GPI’s gluten-free blends are a great example of how delicious gluten-free products can be when created with both technical and artisanal knowledge. Their gluten-free products are tasty treats that satisfy cravings for cakes or anything baked with wheat. Our gluten-free bread and pizza dough have the same texture, crunch, and colour as their non-gluten-free versions.


GPI’s plant-based line is the perfect solution for vegan or vegetarian meat alternatives. They are delicious, juicy, and easily customisable to ensure customer satisfaction. GPI’s plant-based products are shipped dry to save on cost and lower environmental impact. Most importantly, they are very easy to mix in your facility and do not need highly specialised equipment.