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Gourmet Ingredients

Gourmet is a family business that has been growing and processing onions, garlic and shallots for three generations. Not all produce harvested is fit for selling in supermarkets. Gourmet Ingredients is driven to utilise 100% of what comes from the fields. Using the by-products that would go to waste otherwise Gourmet makes excellent quality ingredients such as powders, essential oils, and aromas.

The core ingredients are onion, garlic, and shallots – the most versatile vegetables on the market. Gourmet Ingredients are located in The Netherlands, the number one onion producing country in the world. This allows them to not only deliver the highest quality ingredients but also to have a consistent supply throughout the year.

Gourmet Ingredients offers several products including Flavours, Aroma, Essential oil, Powder, Paste, and Juice concentrates. They also have the ability to produce customised flavour oils that meet your needs. Gourmet’s full range is vegetable, vegan, and plant-based label-friendly.

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The product range


Gourmet Ingredients’ product range is derived from onions, shallots, and garlic. All the products are natural, and organic options are also available in limited quantities. These products allow you to reduce or completely remove e-numbers, additives, added sugars, soy products, synthetic flavours, and more. Gourmet Ingredients provides taste, colour, and sweetening solutions for many applications.

All product solutions are 100% natural, vegetable, vegan, plant-based, and label-friendly.

Gourmet Ingredients’ products include Flavours, Aromas, Essential oils, Powders, Pastes, and Juice concentrates. They can also produce customised flavoured oils to meet your needs. The full range is vegan, plant-based, and label-friendly.

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Essential oils

Gourmet Ingredients’ essential oils are steam distilled and produced without the use of chemicals. The onion and garlic flavours can be delivered in their purest most concentrated form, as an oil or powder. Both the oils and powders are vegan, plant-based, and label-friendly.

Flavour oils

Gourmet Ingredients’ flavour oils provide a strong taste in your product application. They come in a range of strengths to suit the target taste for your final product. As well as the standard qualities they can also produce customised flavour oils to meet your needs. All flavour oils are vegan, plant-based, and label-friendly.

Juice concentrates

The juice concentrates are purely made of onion and produced without the use of chemicals. They are vegan, plant-based and label-friendly. The range provides colour, taste, sweetness, or a combination of the three.


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Sustainability is key to us at 1-2-Taste. Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to introduce Gourmet Ingredients to you. The main benefits are:

  • All-natural products
  • Limited organic batches available
  • A broad range of products, from paste and powder to essential oil
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Label-friendly
  • European origin (Dutch)
  • Broad application possibilities from beverages to savoury applications.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities in more detail with you. Especially the tasting sessions, as what we have tasted to date is outstanding!. 

Gourmet ingredients linksuitgelijnd zonderproductgroepen