Colourfood are specialists in natural food colours. From field to bottle. Pure colours 100 % made from fruits and vegetables. This is Colourfood Professional’s philosophy in a nutshell, a brand of BETTEC B.V., a family company based in Vaals, the Netherlands. Alexander Hautmann, General Manager, explains: “As pioneer in colouring foods, we produce vibrant colours from fruits, vegetables and edible plants such as the spirulina algae to naturally colour foods such as ice cream, desserts, baked goods as well as soups, sauces and drinks.”

The high pigmentation in Colourfood’s products enables particularly strong and natural effects when using and therefore a variety of creative fields of application. As Colourfood’s products are marked 100% Clean Label, users have no obligation to label it as additive. You can use the label “free from colourings and preservatives”. Colourfood’s food colour products fit in vegetarian and vegan foods, a further important characteristic to follow the current important trends.


All 100% Clean Label, non-declarable Liquid Colours – suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets.


All 100% Clean Label, non-declarable Powder Food Colours – suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets.

Include the Colourfood quality seal in your advertising!

Use the new and especially developed quality seal to advertise your food and drinks accordingly.

Caterers, bakers, confectioners, ice cream manufacturers or other professional users can use our seal to show their clients they are using colours 100% made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants. Make the difference with actively communicating to your clients.

You can download the quality seal in German and in English from our website.