Blendhub – The first multi-localized food production network

Blendhub is a platform for pay-per-use services to help food companies and brands develop and launch products more quickly. Allowing them to tackle new markets and compete in innovation, without the need for investment or their own infrastructure. Blendhub’s services include the design and production of ingredients and food powders for the food industry, but also a range of additional services for brands and raw material providers.

Blending + Packaging + Quality Control  *  Ingredients  *  Recipe development  *  Custom packaging  *  Contingency solutions  *  Market access

Blendhub helps companies manufacture all types of ingredients from anywhere in the world through a network of hubs in Spain, India, Mexico, and Colombia.


We want to make food and nutrition available more just and safer for more people in more places.

Henrik Stamm Kristensen



Blendhub has developed more than 2,000 recipes and has a network of external formulators to guarantee unique and pioneering products in the market, with tailor-made solutions for each specific demand. Blendhub operates in over 40 segments of the food industry, including Dairy, processed cheese and cheese alternatives, Bakery, Beverages, Vegetable drinks, Meat and meat alternatives (vegan products), Confectionery, Functional ingredients, Personalised health and Ingredients for cooking.


Blendhub offers a range of stabilisers suitable for dairy or ice cream application.