Global Supplier of Organic Superfood Ingredients

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Global Suppliers of Organic Superfood Ingredients

Gums and Resins | Butters, Oils, and Waxes | Botanicals, Herbs, and Spices



Biosylx was born out of a passion for promoting health and wellbeing, as well as biodiversity by supplying natural and organic ingredients with fantastic health and nutritional benefits that are sustainably sourced from non-cultivated natural resources.

Biosylx is directly present and invested in the regions from where they source their ingredients (mainly Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa). This helps them to use accurate and timely information related to the fluctuations in climate, quality, or price and provides them with in-depth expertise where projects from wild-crafted natural resources can be developed.

It also allows Biosylx to build relationships with harvesters and be a force in the socio-economic development of the communities.  Biosylx works within these communities through efforts and projects to improve food and job security, price stability, education, gender equality, and climate action.



Biosylx has a global team with decades of experience with natural ingredients for the food and beverage, flavour, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. As well as an international footprint and broad reach with a specific focus on Sub-Saharan and Southern African resources.

Biosylx has adopted one mindset – stay as close to the tree as possible!

They source ingredients directly from their partner farmers. Consequently, processing can be carried out within their own facilities, maintaining their purity and functionality, and they can directly work with the end consumer.

All their ingredients are not just technically functional but are aimed to add significant nutritional value to your products. Not to mention the great quality of taste and aroma.

Biosylx is a diverse and inclusive company serving a cosmopolitan global clientele. Customers choose them because they trust the brand and people. Biosylx earns that trust by being reliable and consistent, serving with the highest standard of ethical integrity and mutual respect.




Biosylx maintains a lean cost structure. This allows for moderate product pricing, which in turn allows suppliers to make a sustainable profit, creating a win-win relationship amongst all stakeholders in the value chain.


Biosylx knows exactly what it sells. They purchase, process, and ship their products first-hand, and all their health claims are backed by research and based on sound science.


One of the main goals of the business is to improve the lives of local farmers in developing economies by building long term relationships with them. They assist and train them on how to select high-quality products, and pay equitable prices to encourage sustainable production and the respect of the environment.


Biosylx ensures strict quality control by employing manufacturing processes that protect the nutritional value of ingredients. Safety data sheets and certifications are always available upon request.


Biosylx has a range of products that are organically certified against the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations as well as the Ecocert Organic Standard (EOS) which are equivalent to the European Regulations, guaranteeing the organic status of the products.

Biosylx is FSSC 22000 certified, which is a company-level certification based on a scheme developed by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification. It is the highest level of food safety and quality certification that fully incorporates ISO 22000 and the prerequisite programmes.