About BioActor

BioActor is a Dutch life sciences company that develops health ingredients for functional food, clinical nutrition and supplements. We are driven by curiosity to discover new ingredients which are the result of science-oriented approach. We have our own in-house clinical research team to perform studies on our ingredients at Maastricht University Hospital. Our offices on the Maastricht Health Campus are just a stone’s throw away from the University Hospital. We have established multiple collaborations with international universities and research institutes over the years.

Core values

BioActor’s products are 100% natural, clinically proven, premium quality ingredients with help of our scientific advisory team. Our ingredients focus on Active Living and Healthy Ageing and provide a multitude of health benefits like brain fitness, gut health, vitality, cardiovascular support, sports performance, bone and joint health. Our ingredients are based on four cornerstones: (i) clinically proven health effects; (ii) based on true scientific discoveries; (iii) renewable and 100% natural source; and (iv) premium quality, produced in Europe.


  • BioActor BrainBerry®

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  • BioActor Naxus®

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