About Us

1-2-Taste is the first digital flavour house in the world. Besides creating availability of flavours to a wide audience, we provide independent expert reviews, technical support, recipe information and instant product documentation. If you cannot find the flavour you are looking for in our portfolio we will get it for you. 1-2-Taste finds it very important to work closely with our customers and supply partners to improve our offering. We value any suggestion you bring. 

Our Mission

1-2-Taste provides a digital service that makes selection and supply of flavours and specialty ingredients easy and market relevant. 1-2-taste wants to outperform the traditional industry through creation of transparency and speed while maintaining a very competitive price level for excellent Quality.

Quality System

Our suppliers are committed to the high standards 1-2-taste requires. Any feedback in this regard is highly appreciated and will make our service better.

The 1-2-Taste Team

Arjan can be described as a passionate, curious but rational man. Arjan has 20+ years experience working with IFF, market leader in the flavour and fragrance industry. When Arjan arrived in the greater Asia region in 2009 he had to build the entire operational footprint to secure the growth of the business. The Greater Asia region is today the leading region for IFF globally. With ample exposure to all facets that make a flavor business successful, entrepreneurial ambition drove him to explore new ideas. He felt that the industry was reluctant to adapt to the changing environment

With 1-2-Taste Arjan created the world’s first digital flavour house. 1-2-Taste has the ambition to redefine service, quality, price and innovation versus the more traditional flavor houses. He believes the time is now to disrupt the entire flavour industry.

1-2-Taste customers can buy the best flavours from different supply partners that produce locally. This supports local business and prevents long supply chains. Any supply partner with a speciality is welcome to approach 1-2-Taste and 1-2-Taste will alway be looking for supply partners with unique products.

All supply partner undergo rigorous auditing to secure quality and supply. Through independent expert and peer reviews the portfolio of 1-2-Taste will be under continuous improvement. Customers of 1-2-Taste are encouraged to give advice how service can be improved. This direct interaction between supplier and customer is unique.

Ulaganathan S, Managing Director 1-2-Taste India

Ulaganathan started his career more than 28 years ago in India with BBA, the pioneer in India in the flavor and fragrance industry. BBA later became IFF. The larger part of Ulaganathan’s career was responsible for managing co-production of IFF products and the distribution. This experience gives him an unique understanding of the trade business in India and the requirements needed to be successful. With his knowledge and drive 1-2-Taste India is in very capable hands.

How did Ulaganathan respond when approached by 1-2-Taste?

“I have known Arjan for a long time. He always had a clear vision of business. When he approached me I immediately felt interested but I also realized the great responsibility that comes a long with it. I see great value for 1-2-Taste in the India market. High service levels, the best flavors delivered at your doorstep and excellent prices is a unique positioning in the market. It is therefore that I have no doubt about the success of 1-2-Taste.”

A summary of my activities you can find underneath or you can go to my LinkedIN profile.

  • A Chemistry Graduate and MBA degree in Operations
  • Retired (early) after more than 28 Years in BBA / IFF as Techno Commercial Manager
  • Trainer of companies on Safety, Quality and delivery reliability.
  • Played a major role in commissioning major Green field project at Jammu

Dr. K. Sundararajan leads the 1-2-Taste Expert Panel and Quality Assurance

Dr. K worked for nearly 25 years at IFF, the leader in the flavour and Fragrance industry. He now wants to use his knowledge to improve the flavour industry as a whole. This is his true passion. Dr K has published multiple articles and wrote a book on Quality management in the flavour industry. He is an authority in the flavor industry.

How did Dr. K respond when approached by 1-2-Taste?

“When Arjan Koudijs (founder of 1-2-Taste) approached me I was inspired by the plans of 1-2-Taste and wanted to be part of this team. I sensed entrepreneurship that was determined for success, high ethical values and a focus on quality. Arjan underlined the importance of an independent review of the product portfolio. I could not say no”.

On the site you can find the methodologies I use when evaluating, feel free to use them to your own benefit because at the end we all want great tasting and safe food.

A summary of my activities you can find underneath or you can go to my LinkedIN profile:

  • A Ph.D. in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology , Madras
  • A Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry , London
  • A Six Sigma Master Black Belt from American Society for Quality
  • Have nearly 25 years experience in flavours and fragrance industries in quality and technical functions
  • Retired from International Flavours and Fragrances as the Director , Quality for Greater Asia region
  • Have published many papers in International quality journals like Quality Progress , iSixSigma
  • Have published a book “ Quality Processes in Flavour and Fragrance Industries “ at Amazon .com
  • Currently a Senior Consultant for Quality and Food Safety

Jan Klawer, Advisor for 1-2-Taste

With 15+ years of experience in Digital, Marketing, Data, Transformation and Business Strategy in multiple geographies, Jan acts as an advisor in these fields for 1-2 Taste. Jan has worked in multiple locations including Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“After so many other industries, the flavours and speciality food ingredients industry is ripe for transformation: Procurement processes should adapt to the current state of the ‘world at large’ where businesses large and small buy their raw materials through digital platforms. And it is exactly that digital platform which 1-2-Taste brings to the flavours and speciality food ingredients industry now. So, therefore, I am excited to add my ‘2 cents’ to the very interesting journey 1-2-Taste is on.”

Jan advises 1-2-Taste how to grow the business by reaching the right audiences with (digital) marketing activities, follow the right strategies and continuously improve the experience for 1-2-Taste’s customers.